Health Benefits of Acai Juice

Acai berry is a fruit that comes from the Acai Palm Tree.  It resembles the purple grape fruit and comes in the same shape and in bunches.  To get acai juice, the fruit should be reduced to a pulp and the juice needs to be extracted from the pulp.  The juice is then passed through a sieve/ filter to get the smooth and delicious drink.  Many people might not find the acai fruit readily available in the market.  They can opt for the ready-to-drink fruit juice (without added sugar).  Also, acai powder and concentrate are easily available in grocer’s shops.  The powder can be mixed with water, as per the instructions given on the pack, to make acai juice.  Similarly, add the required amount of water to the acai concentrate to  make a refreshing glass of acai juice, as and when you like.

Acai juice is loaded with antioxidants.  It has many vitamins and minerals.  It gives you carbohydrates and makes you more energetic.  Drinking a glass of acai juice, every day, is one of the wisest steps towards good health.

To derive the maximum benefits out of drinking acai juice, make the juice from the fruit and drink it fresh, immediately.  Leaving the juice, as it is, for long hours rids it  of its nutrient value.  If you are unable to drink it immediately, store in the refrigerator.


Health Benefits:

For weight loss:

  • Drink a glass of acai juice, daily.  While so, do not forget to drink your usual 8 – 9 glasses of plain  water.
  • Acai makes you feel full and this in turn, would make you opt for a lighter and a smaller meal.  Of course, this does not mean that you will end up with reduced stamina.  On the other hand, acai juice ensures that your energy levels are high.  This is because of the fact that acai juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, the nutrients which make your body, active and efficient.


For fighting against diseases:

  • Acai juice is loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants in the body help to curb the free radicals, the cause for disease in the body.
  • Also, regular intake of acai juice revs up the body’s metabolism.  This enables the body to stay fit and fight against diseases.
  • Hence, like all other fruit juices, drinking acai juice improves the body’s immunity levels.


For preventing heart diseases:

  • Acai juice is rich in the antioxidant –  anthocyanin –  which is the reason for its puplish red colour.
  • Anthocyanin ensures that the LDL, the bad cholesterol is reduced.
  • Indirectly, this action aids in reducing the plaque accumulated on the arterial valves.
  • Also, by enabling better oxidation, anthocyanin, ensures that no blood clots are formed.
  • Hence, conditions like atherosclerosis, thrombosis and other heart conditions can be averted by regular consumption of acai berry juice.


For overall cleansing and detoxification:

  • Acai juice helps in better digestion.  Taking this juice regularly, you will notice that your bowel movements have improved.
  • Acai juice kills the harmful bacteria and cleanses the stomach, intestines and the colon.
  • To notice positive results, a two-week acai juice diet is recommended.  This juice, combined with light food like boiled and steamed vegetables and fruits, and excluding non-vegetarian food, enables detoxification of the body.  The toxic wastes including any metal waste, are flushed out of the system.
  • This results in the system starting to function better.  The patient starts feeling lighter, better and healthier.


After reading about the health benefits of acai juice, do not go overboard and consume too much of it.  Acai juice is contra indicated in persons who are prone some kinds of diseases/ discomforts.  Seek the advice of an expert naturopath to decide on the dosage that is right for you.