Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Apple juice is the extract that is obtained from the apple fruit. Unlike its counterparts such as oranges, grapes, watermelons or any other succulent fruit, apple cannot be easily squeezed to derive its juice. The flesh of apple juice is hard and less juicy. Hence, it involves certain procedures though easy to make an apple juice. Apple juice can be prepared instantly at home or can be made to pass through extensive processes for the sake of commercial purpose.

Fresh apple juice can be prepared at home easily. Take an apple or two, slice them into pieces and put them in the mixer. Add half cup of milk and sugar to taste and run the mixer. Remove, strain and drink immediately. This is the quickest method of making the juice. The other home- made method is a little elaborate. Wash and slice the apple, de-seed them, and put it in a pot with enough water to cook. Simmer and cook until the apple becomes soft. Mash them lightly and strain the contents by gently pressing on it. You end up getting a clear apple juice, mash and peel. The mash can be further used to make sauces and peels in the preparation of apple jelly. Now pour the clear apple juice in a pot and add sugar if it is less sweet or tart and simmer cook for few minutes. Cool the content and freeze it for future use. If you are planning to preserve it for few months, then store it in hot sterilized jar leaving a head space of half an inch and process in a hot canner for around 30 minutes.

Apple juice is one of the favored fruit drink around the world and hence its commercial version is available in almost all markets. Its manufacturing is also quite extensive but companies still produce them for its popular demand.


There are two types of apple juice available – clear apple juice and the cloudy apple juice. In the clear apple juice, the starch and pectin content present in the fruit is removed through technical processes to derive a clear extract. In cloudy apple juice, they are not removed and also contain mashed pulp pieces which give it a cloudy look. The types of apple juices also vary depending on the variety of apple from which it is extracted like red apple, green apple, pinkish lady apple, golden apples, Fuji apples etc.


Apple juice is a store house of essential nutrients. It has energy boosting nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fat to some extent and dietary fiber. Vitamins A, C, E, and K along with riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, pantothenic acid and folates are found in considerable amounts. It is a good source of minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Antioxidants, flavanoids and phytonutrients like Carotene B, Cryptozanthin B and Lutien Zeazanthin are also found in apple juice.

Freshly prepared apple juice is contains almost all the nutrients that are found in an apple. However, a processed apple juice loses some of the nutrients and hence it is best to drink a fresh apple juice to enjoy the complete health benefits it can offer.


With the presence of some of the vital nutrients required by the human body, apple plays a very crucial role in treating and curing many ailments and disorders that bother the mankind.

  • Upkeep of healthy heart – Daily intake of apple juice provides the necessary nutrients such as antioxidants, phytonutrients, flavanoids and potassium which are very essential for the healthy functioning and maintenance of heart. It is known to prevent the occurrence of stroke and clogging of arteries. It also reduces the level of cholesterol which is one of the main reasons in causing various heart ailments.
  • Promotes lung function – Apple juice is a good source of flavanoids which are known to prevent the attack of asthma. It helps the respiratory system to function well and makes it strong thereby avoiding the occurrence of any lung infections or disorders such as bronchitis, cough, inflammation of the respiratory track, etc.
  • Boosts Immune System – The toxic elements in the body are removed due to the alkaline nature present in the apple juice and aids in maintaining the pH level. The cleaning up of toxins from liver helps it to function at the optimum and boosts the immune system to fight against infections.
  • Strong bones – It contains Vitamin C and iron which are essential nutrients required for building healthy bones and making it strong.
  • Protects from CancerThe antioxidants, flavanoids and phytonutrients in apple juice act as a deterrent in the formation of tumor and cancer cells or its multiplication. It is found to be effective in the treatment of skin, colon and breast cancers.
  • No Constipation – Drinking apple juice daily helps in easy bowel movements and ensures the stomach is not constipated. Sorbitol present in it is capable of making the stool become soft and aids in easy passage.
  • Glowing Skin – Regular intake of apple juice promotes good skin health and makes the skin radiant and glowing. It prevents skin related problems such as pimples, acne, eczema, inflammation and itchiness. It is also believed to make the skin look soft and young and prevent wrinkle formation.
  • Healthy Eyes – Vitamin A is the vital nutrient that is responsible for the upkeep of good eye health. Apple juice is endowed with ample amount of Vitamin A which makes it one of the important natural sources of providing eye care and treating eye related problems.
  • Brain Power – Apple juice is known to possess nutrients that are capable of stalling age related problems like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia in the elderly.
  • Treats Dandruff – Application of apple juice directly on the scalp is said to treat dryness, remove dandruff and prevent hair fall. It also promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Prevents Diabetes – With very low sugar content, apple juice is an ideal drink for diabetic patients. The phytonutrients present in it aids in the regulation of blood sugar and induces the pancreatic cells to produce more insulin.
  • Aids Weight loss – Apple juice is rich in dietary fiber which makes it the best drink for those looking for ways to shed their excess weight. The fiber content gives a sumptuous feeling and with low calorie content it is most favored by weight watchers.


There haven’t been any evidence recorded that consuming apple juice is detrimental to health. It is truly a wonderful and healthy drink providing the consumer with all recommended nutrients needed every day. Most of the countries cultivate apples widely which ensures its constant availability in which ever part of the world. So, enjoy the extraordinary benefits it offers by taking apple juice daily and keeping yourself fit and healthy.