Health Benefits of Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant required by the body to maintain optimal health.  It belongs to the group of caretenoids, which are lipid antioxidants –  whose movements are free-flowing and reach out to all parts of the body.

Astaxanthin is found in the following natural sources:

  • Micro algae.
  • Marine creatures like salmon, shrimp, lobster etc.
  • Processed vegetarian sources where astaxanthin is added.  This would be specifically mentioned on the product label.

Astaxanthin, as a supplement, is known for its healing powers on the body.  It is one of the best scavengers which rids the body of free radicals.  There are no side-effects of consuming astaxanthin.  However, consult the doctor to decide on the necessity and appropriate quantity to be consumed.


Health benefits:

For mental health:

  • Studies indicate that astaxanthin supplement may have a significant effect on diminishing the effects of dementia, a mental condition.  People with dementia have elevated levels of phospholipid hydroperoxide.  However, when research was conducted on a group of people with dementia by giving them regular astaxanthin supplements, they showed signs of improvement.
  • The fine mental capacities, including cognition abilities decrease as one ages.  However, astaxanthin slows down aging and thereby helps in continued mental health.


For Eye health:

  • A small dose of daily astaxanthin is sufficient to ensure eye health, as per research experts . It ensured retinal health.  Being a lipid soluble anti-oxidant, it crossed the blood-brain-retina barrier.  Thus, it ensures a cure to all kinds of diseases involving the retina.  It is also beneficial in eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • The effect of astaxanthin on other eye conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract are being studied.  The results, till now, have been positive, indicating that this red pigment anti-oxidant would have a greater demand in the future, as a potential eye disease cure.


For muscle and joint health:

  • The muscles become weak and the joints, rigid, as one ages.  A prescription of astaxanthin is effective in getting rid of such pains.  As the pain subsides, the joints tend to become active and gradually regain their flexibility.
  • It is also effective in rigid conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Being anti-inflammatory, it works wonders on elbow and shoulder pain,back pain,  neuropathy and stiff shoulders.
  • It works as well as prescription drugs for conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • All the above work is done by astaxanthin by blocking the chemicals that are responsible for the pain.


For skin health:

  • Astaxanthin protects the skin from sun damage.  Being an anti-oxidant, it acts as a natural sun-screen.
  • Also, it moisturises, smoothens and hydrates the skin.
  • It removes freckles, hyperpigmentation and acne scars.
  • It restores skin elasticity and prevents premature aging.
  • It protects the skin from more serious conditions like skin cancer by scavenging the free radicals.


For Men:

  • Astaxanthin helps those men who want to improve their fertility.
  • Studies in this regard showed that men who were given supplements of astaxanthin showed improvement in their testosterone levels, thus improving their sexual abilities.
  • Also, it helped men in countering depression, stress and fatigue.


Other general benefits of astaxanthin:

  • A supplement of this antioxidant is beneficial for diabetics.  This is so because astaxanthin acted by reducing the cellular sensitivity to glucose levels.
  • Hence, it was found to be useful in countering other conditions too, which are fall-outs of longstanding diabetes, viz., diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy and stroke.
  • Astaxanthin has proved to be  a good immunity booster.  It increased the body’s metabolic functioning and helped in protecting against various diseases.