Health Benefits of Dates

Dates and Health Benefits


The fruit of the date palm tree are known as dates and these trees are usually grown in desert regions. Dates are oval-shaped and come in colors such as red, yellow and brown. The fleshy part of the date fruit engulfs a shell or stone which encases the seed.

Fresh dates are bursting with sweetness and are a delight for the taste-buds. However the supply of fresh dates is limited as dates are seasonal in nature. The dry varieties of dates are also available where the stone of the date fruit is removed and the dates are stuffed with dry fruits such as almonds or walnuts. These are known as stuffed dates and are available the year round. Dates are suitable to carry for trips of long duration as they are loaded with energy and are light-weight. Dates can also be chopped and tossed with an array of fruits for fruit salad. Additionally, dates find their draw in cakes and dessert dishes such as puddings. Dates coupled with yogurt and milk are also fit for consumption. Dates raise energy levels and constitute as a filling snack. They can be eaten in small numbers throughout the day.

Dates can be stored in air-tight containers at room temperature where they keep fresh for a couple of months. However preserve the dates in the refrigerator when storing for about a year. They should be washed thoroughly with water to clean them and then they can be consumed.

The advantages related to dates can be seen in the following details.

  • Nutritional Content

Dates are rich sources of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and copper. Vitamins such as A, C, E and K are also contained in dates. Soluble fiber, insoluble fiber and amino-acids are also found in dates.

The iron constituted in dates helps in the formation of red blood cells and regularizes their movement in the body which has a favorable impact on Anemia patients who suffer due to low count and irregular movement of the cells.

The intake of dates provides the body with calcium which is contained in dates. Calcium is required to keep the bones and teeth healthy making dates important in the diet plan.

The nutrients in dates have various functions required to have a healthy body and it would be safe to say they have rich nutritional value.

  • Anti-Oxidant Properties

Dates are beneficial to correct intestinal disorders. Food is easily digested and acidity, constipation, diarrhea and other stomach issues are kept at bay with the consumption of dates. The fiber and amino-acids content present in dates can also be considered useful in this regard.

The constituents in dates also combat the free radicals that are cancer-inducing and anti-aging thereby lowering the risk of cancer and faster aging.

These properties make dates an excellent anti-oxidant.

  • Healthy Heart

Cardio-vascular health is boosted with dates as dates contain potassium which is known to balance the amount of fluids in the body. Here the blood pressure and heart rate levels are under check keeping the heart healthy.

The dietary fiber also monitors the bad cholesterol levels in the body and keeps the rate low. Blood can then flow uninterrupted and reach the different organs promoting overall health. Also heart-related problems such as heart-attacks, stroke and hypertension are avoided.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties and hence the consumption of dates can help counter-attack the effects of inflammation as dates contain magnesium. Here disorders arising due to inflammation such as Alzheimer and Arthritis are considerably reduced.

  • Other Benefits

The miscellaneous benefits of dates would be lower blood pressure, improved eye-sight owing to the Vitamin A constituent, enhanced brain function, induces labor and hence helpful during pregnancy, weight management, heighten energy levels due to their high sugar content etc