Health Benefits of Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is a carbonated soft drink readily available in the market.  It is basically non-alcoholic in nature and is supplemented for champagne by persons who are non-drinkers.  It is also added to beer to get that spicier punch.


The basic ingredient of ginger ale is ginger.  It can be prepared from the comfort of home and stored in the refrigerator after sufficient fermentation.  Grated ginger, sugar, yeast, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a little sugar cane juice is all that is required to make ginger ale.  Once all these ingredients are added to sufficient amounts of water, it is preserved in bottles and left at room temperature for the fermentation to start.  It usually takes about 48 hours for the fermentation process to be complete.  Once, this is over, preserve the bottle in the fridge and use  as and when it is required.

To make the drink spicier, the quantity of ginger may be increased.  Lemon juice is anti-bacterial –  hence it should be added to enhance the tanginess and at the same time, prevent the harmful bacterial action.  Including cane juice will allow you to reduce the quantity of white sugar used, making the drink more healthier.

Ginger ale, apart from being a spicy, tangy drink, is also known for its medicinal properties.



For inflammations:

  • Ginger ale contains gingerol, a known anti-inflammatory agent.  This is very useful against any kind of inflammation.
  • In diseases like osteo-arthritis where the bones are inflamed, regular intake of ginger ale has produced positive results.  However, the duration of the disease  and quality of ginger ale are two key factors in expediting a remedy.
  • Persons who suffer from joint pains can also get relief by consuming ginger ale.  Any kind of  swelling is reduced by gingerol’s action and hence, the pain subsides.



Immunity booster:

  • In the Oriental countries like India and China, the benefits of ginger have been recognised from time immemorial.
  • Often little children and the elderly are made to drink ginger ale as a protection against colds and coughs which target people with a weak immunity system.  Ginger ale makes the body strong and develops the immunity levels.
  • Ginger ale, especially the naturally prepared one, fights against colds and coughs by increasing the body temperature and keeping it warm.  This is done by dilating the blood vessels which enables good blood circulation in the body.


Protection against cancer:

  • The effects of ginger ale on many types of cancer are being studied.
  • In one prominent study, it was found that regular intake of ginger ale helped in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in ovarian cancer.  Moreover, it created a mechanism within the body to kill the existing cancerous cells.
  • Ginger ale was found to be beneficial in protrate cancer too.
  • Thus, it can safely be said that drinking ginger ale regularly provided enough protection against cancer.  Also, it is beneficial to patients suffering from cancer as it prevented further multiplication of diseased cells.


Better digestion:

  • A little ginger ale mixed in warm water is a sure shot solution for problems of digestion like acidity and flatulence.
  • It also controls conditions like vomiting and nausea caused due to a stomach ache.
  • Being  a liquid drink, it replenishes the body with enough fluids during diseases like loose motions and diarrhea.


A few words of caution:

  • Avoid ginger ale if you are a diabetic.  Instead, to get the benefits of ginger for the body, drink ginger tea made out of crushed and boiled ginger extracts.
  • Persons undergoing chemotherapy should seek the doctor’s advice before adding ginger ale to their  diet as it may interfere with their regular medication.  Similar is the case with pregnant women who need to seek medical advice before any kind of alteration/addition to their regular diet practices.