Health Benefits of Grape Fruits

Grape fruit belongs to the  citrus family.  It is a delicious fruit with a sweet-tart-tangy taste.  The colour of of the fruit is orangy-yellow and changes as per the level of ripeness in the fruit. The pulp inside the fruit  can be white, orange or yellow, depending upon the type of grape fruit.

The grape fruit is laden with nutrition.  It contains the following nutrients:


  • Vitamins B, C and E.
  • Minerals calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, zinc and magnesium.
  • Dietary fibre.
  • Carbohydrates, sugars and fats.

Grape fruit can be eaten as it is, after removing the peels.  Else, the pulp can be juiced and had,  to get that instant energy.  It is also available in powdered form,  which requires the addition of water to make it into a juice.  Grape fruit is included as  an ingredient in some sweets.  Cut and sliced into small pieces, it is also used as toppings on cakes and porridge.


It is a good idea to consume fresh grape fruits and not go for supplements.

Health benefits:


For the kidneys:

  • Grape fruit is rich in naringenin –  the compound responsible for its tangy taste.  When had as a juice, in good quantities, on a daily basis, grape fruit benefits the kidneys by eliminating the stones present therein.  Also, they act by inhibiting the formation of stones.  They also prevent the formation of cysts in the kidneys.   The fruit does so, by successfully regulating the protein levels in the kidney.



For the teeth and gums:

  • Grape fruit is rich in vitamin C –  a vitamin which promotes oral health and removes problematic bacteria which may cause cavities/ decay and bad breath.
  • Do not miss on that big glass of grape fruit juice, daily.  When consumed regularly, the vitamin C in the juice, prevents bleeding from the gums which becomes prominent while brushing the teeth.  Also, this healthy habit strengthens the teeth and aligns and roots them firmly within the dental framework.


For a feeling of well-being:

  • Eating two grape fruits daily, promotes well-being.  This is done by the following methods:
  • Grape fruit reduces mental anxiety and depression.
  • It energises the body and rids it of tiredness and lethargy.
  • Vitamin C has a curative tendency.  It heals minor body aches and allergies.  The result is a better and active ‘you.’



For rehydration:

  • When you lose the bodily fluids due to conditions like vomitting and loose motions, it is a wonderful remedy to keep sipping on grape fruit juice.  This fruit not only rehydrates the body, it also replenishes it with essential vitamins and minerals to aid in quicker recovery.
  • For sports persons, grape fruit juice acts as an energiser and as a nutrient-rich health drink. It helps them in rapid recovery from minor sports injuries.


For the skin:

  • Consuming grape fruit regularly shows its effects on the skin.  The juice of the fruit hydrates and moisturises the skin.  It heals conditions like acne and allergies.  The long-term result of regular eating of this fruit is a beautiful skin which glows with health.


Anti-aging fruit:

  • Grape fruit contains lycopene, an essential nutrient, which fights the signals of aging.
  • It fights against the free radicals which cause the dealth of healthy cells.
  • Lycopene in grape fruit averts such conditions as dry skin, wrinkles, worry lines and helps in ridding  the body of excessive fats and cellulite.


For eye health:

  • Grape fruit contains phytonutrients like carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthins and luteins.  All these  are compounds of vitamin A which is required by the body to counter age-related nutritional deficiencies caused to the eye.  Drinking grape fruit juice is believed to protect the eyes from conditions like macular degeneration and cataract too.