Health Benefits of Grapefruit Juice

Describe grapefruit

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit, believed to be an output from cross breeding of pomelo, lemon and orange. The fruit’s flesh is white / pink / red, while its exterior or the skin is yellow. It tastes tangy with a dash of sweetness. In Latin this fruit is called Citrus Paradisi probably due to its taste or medicinal value.


Its genesis

Grapefruits are believed to have been found in Barbados. Plant botanists link this fruit to Indonesia. This fruit is thought to have been named in Jamaica on the basis of its resemblance to grapes that hang in a bunch.

The fruit was harvested in Florida, USA during the late 18th century though it did not become an economically feasible option till the late 1800s. In USA, apart from the state of Florida the fruit is commercially farmed in the states of California, Arizona and Texas. Other major producers of this fruit are the Caribbean, Brazil, Israel and South Africa.

What are its healthy constituents

A grapefruit contains a combination of several ingredients that benefit the health. Intrinsic ingredients present in this fruit are vitamin A, B complex, C, E and K. It is a rich source of citric acid and natural sugars. It has essential oils such as limonene / pinene / citral. Additionally, the fruit has vital minerals like folate / calcium / phosphorous / potassium and polynutrients such as glucarates / lycopene / liminoids / flavnoids. This fruit’s pith and albedo also provides vital fibers.

Clinical benefits derived from grapefruit juice

Juice extracted from a white grapefruit has approximately 0.1 grams and that extracted from the pink and red verities’’, has approximately 0.2 grams, of fat. Juice extracted from none of the three verities’’ has any saturated fat content, cholesterol or sodium. Hence, grapefruit juice is a remedial option for losing weight.

A major advantage of grapefruit juice is the lowering of levels of sugar and starch. It is primarily the result of this juices’ fat reducing enzyme. Thus, grapefruit juice is effective against diabetes and the associated disorders. Additionally, grapefruit juice also assists in relief from acidity.

Grapefruit juice inhibits malignancy, particularly in women diagnosed with breast cancer. It results from lowering the abnormal levels of estrogen. Its intrinsic ingredients such as glucarates / lycopene / liminoids / flavnoids aid against cancer. Further, it inhibits colon cancer. Additionally, it is also effective against lung cancer.

Grapefruit juice is a rich source of folate / calcium / phosphorous / potassium and could be used as an effective remedy against high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. On account of it acidity, this juice is effective against urinary tract disorders by supplementing detoxification with a soluble fiber, pectin.

Grapefruit juice, has pectin that inhibits concentration in, and vitamin C that ensures elasticity of, arteries thereby reducing risks for artherosclerosis. Also, bioflavonoid and vitamin C prevent fluid retention during pregnancy. Grapefruit juice facilitates digestion due to the enhanced flow of gastric juices. Regular consumption of this juice is advised for skin disorders like acne. Further, it has been observed and consequently documented to assist in fertility. Grapefruit juice is an effective tool against obesity. Additionally, grapefruit juice also prevents formation of kidney stones.
Other medicinal benefits

Grapefruit juice augments the immune systems during stressful phases and hence, guards against common cold.

This juice is also of a great assistance in relieving physical exhaustation and general tiredness, with lemon juice mixed in equal proportion.

It is believed that grapefruit juice reduces the symptoms of insomnia and facilitates restful sleep.