Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea and Health Benefits


Red rooibos tea involves fermentation of leaves of a bush found in South Africa. The fermentation process gives rise to red-colored tea leaves and the tea prepared with the tea leaves is red rooibos tea. Green rooibos variety of tea also exists where the tea leaves do not undergo fermentation or oxidization. Green rooibos team has a mild flavor as compared to the red version. Though, the red rooibos tea is more popular than its green counterpart.

Rooibos is a herb and hence tea made from the rooibos leaves is herbal in nature. Rooibos tea has gained popularity worldwide as it does not contain caffeine. Also both the rooibos types of teas are natural and do not contain any preservatives. They can also be stored for long durations without undergoing spoilage. Rooibos tea can be consumed in unlimited quantities as its intake has no harmful effects on the body. Infact 4-6 cups are downed by South Africans due to the healthy nature of the beverage.

Rooibos tea is prepared in the same manner as black tea. Milk and sugar or honey can be added and the tea can be sipped. Lemon and ginger can also be stirred in rooibos tea for additional flavor. The demand for iced rooibos tea also seems to be growing in the current years.

Health Benefits

Green rooibos tea contains rates higher on nutrients when compared to red rooibos tea. This is because the nutrient content is affected during the fermentation course. However both varieties of rooibos tea can impart health benefits and they are advisable to down for reaping the benefits.

  • Nutritional Value

The mineral content in rooibos tea includes calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, fluoride, iron and copper. Rooibos tea is also rich in anti-oxidants.

Calcium and manganese in rooibos tea can help in the restoration of the bones and teeth. Zinc in rooibos tea raises the metabolism rate. Iron is required for the efficient distribution of oxygen to the bodily cells. Magnesium is required to promote health of the nervous system.

Also in general the minerals in rooibos tea assist in the uptake of nutrients which promotes well-being.

  • Anti-Oxidants

Nutrients in rooibos tea can protect the body from harm caused by the free radicals that can cause ailments such as macular degeneration and Parkinson’s. The anti-oxidant nature of rooibos tea can also restrict the spread of cancerous elements and prevent cancer.

  • Cardio-Vascular Health

Cardio-vascular health is also promoted with rooibos tea intake in numerous ways. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tea can prevent cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. Reduced cholesterol levels can lead to minimized blood pressure levels. Also the free radicals in the arteries are counter-attacked and neutralized further enhancing health of the blood vessels. There is also a healthy balance in the good and bad cholesterol levels with raised amounts of good cholesterol and lowered bad cholesterol quantities. Such aspects can improve heart health and resist disorders such as hypertension and stroke that are related to the heart.

  • Battles Diabetes

The balancing of the blood sugar levels is also possible with sipping rooibos tea. This is because – the resistance of the body towards insulin improves with rooibos tea; the absorption of glucose by the cells for conversion into energy is eased; production of insulin by the pancreas is stimulated with rooibos tea; there are no deviations in the blood sugar levels. The stabilization of sugar amounts in the blood offsets the risk of diabetes.

  • Other Benefits

Consuming rooibos tea can improve health of the skin and leads to its revitalization. Wrinkles and anti-aging are avoided and a natural glow to the skin is imparted.

Rooibos tea can also cause – boosting of immunity levels in the body; normalize sleep patterns and prevent insomnia; combat depression and stress; alleviate allergies; contain the effects of inflammation.