Health Benefits of Walking Daily

Walking is the simplest form of exercise that can easily be practised by anyone who wants to be fit.  Brisk walking and rigorous walking are the advanced forms of normal walking.  It should be the aim of every person to take at least 10000 steps a day –  something of a daunting task for all those used to a sedentary lifestyle.

For those who want to make a beginning, buying a podometer is the first step.  A podometer keeps a count of the number of steps taken by a person in the whole day.  Keeping an occasional watch on the number of steps taken would help one move closer to the target.  For example, a person might be short by a few thousand steps in which case, taking a simple walk of a single mile may do the trick.

Walking does not require any skills like swimming or good fitness levels like athletes.  Also, walking does not involve much expenditure –  except a pair of good sports shoes and some time out of your hectic schedule.  No special clothes are required but keep in mind that you should feel comfortable in what you are wearing, while walking.  Carrying a bottle of water is also a good idea.

Walking is one good excuse to enjoy the outdoors.  It not only helps a person align with nature but also bestows him with innumerable health benefits.  Some of them are :

Reduces Obesity:

  • People in the +size category find it difficult to follow the rigorous regimen of a Gym.
  • For them, a first positive step would be to start walking  regularly.
  • Walking every day, for 20-25 minutes helps in reducing body weight.
  • Sticking to the schedule in a disciplined manner is all that is required to see the results.  Of course, it would take some time before the results start trickling in.


Good for diabetics:

  • Persons who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes can easily keep it under control by walking regularly.
  • Walking exercises the abdominal muscles and the whole pelvic region.  This, in turn, regulates the blood sugar levels.  Research in this direction proves that diabetics, with the Type 2 variety, who walked regularly for 25 minutes everyday, had  their diabetes well under control.


Arthritis Pain relief:

  • Contrary to the popular misconception that walking puts a strain on the joints, a gentle walk for 20 minutes everyday, in a sunny morning, has shown to keep arthritic pain at bay.
  • The morning sunshine which is rich in vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium by the body –  this in turn strenghtens the bones.  Hence, as a preventive measure against possible osteoporosis, it is good to walk daily in the morning sun.
  • However, avoid late evening sun as the UV radiation during this time is very high.


Aids digestion:

  • A regular walk exercises the abdominal region.
  • This action not only reduces the accumulated fat but also massages the abdominal  and pelvic muscles.  This stimulates the various organs in the digestive system.
  • With more blood supply and oxygen, these parts start functioning more efficiently.
  • The result –  an improved digestive system.


Mental health:

  • Walking improves the flow of oxygen to various parts of the body  –  including the brain.
  • When you walk, your brain becomes more active.  The sleepiness or the sluggishness that sets in due to continuous sitting, vanishes once you go out for a brisk walk.
  • In fact, studies say that employees, who had a sedentary job, improved their performance when they took voluntary walking breaks in between work sessions.


Overall positivity:

  • Walking benefits every part of the body including the mind and the heart.
  • A person, by regular walking, gains physical stamina and health.
  • He becomes more confident and exudes positivity in all spheres of activity.